A very merry birthday to my beautiful mama, Kelleen Marie Thaxton!!!!!! Every day I feel truly blessed to have you as a mom (even when you piss me off). ;) You have shown me how to see the love and light in everything and everyone, even when other people may not, and even when it’s difficult.You have always let me know that not only is it okay, but it’s encouraged to express myself in whatever way makes me happy. And of course, you taught me my appreciation for so many things in life, such as the power of nature, the importance of knowledge, the magic of artistic creation, and the worth of every living creature, man or beastie. I never want to stop learning from you. I have known many wonderful women and mothers to respect throughout my life, but I can honestly say that I look up to you the most (and not just because you happen to be my mom!) Sorry for the times I’m a total butthead, it’s just really fun to pester you! I love you, Mama Fox!! You are valued.
I found a wee Keniston lad!! Love you, Bratt. Next time #uno #uKnow
Beautiful baby angels~*~ 
Happy Valentine’s from the sweetest bitches you know~*~* XOXO ❤

You are loved!

If you think you do not have someone special in your life, you are mistaken. 
You have you.


     Happy Valentine’s Day, darlings!!!!!!
Oh, what’s that? You don’t have a valentine? BE YOUR OWN!

     I feel like pretty much everyone I know is obsessed with relationships, like they need to date someone (or be single but fuck randoms) to be satisfied with themselves and with their lives.

And a lot of those people put themselves in these situations that seem to be more destructive and shitty than positive……and I have never felt that need in the least.

     I like dating, I like sex, but I only like those things when I feel very strongly for a person.
And don’t get me wrong, I in no way look down upon people who date or fuck because it genuinely makes them happy!
But I’ve noticed many people doing these things for entirely different reasons, settling and putting themselves down for a bit of attention.

I’ve personally never felt a desire to be in any relationship where someone would tell me things I can and can’t do, or try to control me for their own selfish reasons.
I’ve also never wanted to go into/stay in a relationship where I don’t feel super good and excited about the other person.
If I’m bored or dissatisfied, what’s the point?!

     People often ask me if I’m lonely or sad that I’m not romantically involved with anyone, but honestly, it’s incredibly liberating!!

A lot of people believe that if you aren’t dating someone, you are alone.

That is not the case.

I am never alone.
I always have my family and especially my friends, who have proven themselves more special, loyal, and loving than most romantic relationships I’ve ever seen (including my own and those I witness around me).

And even if those bonds were to fail, I feel so comfortable in knowing that I always have myself.

     I think it’s very unfortunate that some people see my total love for myself as vanity, or self-obsession, or something negative of that nature.

I believe being “”“alone”“” for most of my life thus far has truly taught me to appreciate myself, and love myself for exactly who I am.

I always thought that was a much better way to live than to be with someone but suppressing parts of yourself, feeling like you have to be in any way different from who you really are just to please someone else and make them “happy”.
That is falsified happiness on both parts, and I’m so not about that.

     When people talk about their significant other and say things like, "You’re my everything" or "I can’t live without you", I understand the sentiment of it from a certain point of view.
I, too, have people in my life who I think make a huge, meaningful impact on me, and there’s no denying that I appreciate them and want them in my life as much as possible!

But on the other hand, I think it’s so unhealthy to put all of your love and energy and time and devotion into one relationship with one person, so much that you forget to put love, energy, time, and devotion into yourself.

     I don’t think someone should ideally be your everything, and I don’t even think that someone should ideally be your other half.
Better yet, let them be an additional 1 in your realm of existence!!

For you to be truly happy and successful in life and in love, you must first love and value yourself as one whole being.
As 1.

And then, when you find someone that you really love, you and that person become a 2; a life force with double the value!
That person is ADDING onto your life, not subtracting.

     Being in love with someone should NEVER take away any part of you. You should never feel like less than a whole being.
Because you are valuable, and worthy of love, and happiness, and all things beautiful.
Exactly as you are.

///////////rant of self luuuuv



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